Attending any music festival can be an experience to remember. They are usually a lot of fun and, in terms of entertainment provide great value for money. However, these crowded fun-fueled celebrations are also breeding grounds for unforeseen dangers, which if overlooked among all the excitement, can make the entire trip turn sour.

Any event which is held on a mass scale is open to potential hazards. While such a stage offers an ideal opportunity for the onlooker to enjoy and revel in a rather secure environment, things can go wrong at times. While these stumbling blocks will remain, by taking adequate care and exercising caution, can go a long way into making your outing an enjoyable one. Just follow these simple tips to safe and healthy and have a blast at the same time.

festivals_survivalGo in a group 

The large number of people, widespread consumption of alcohol and recreational drugs, can result in creating an atmosphere where people are bound to get lost easily. We have all heard of the buddy system, but at an event of this magnitude it is paramount. Be sure to go with a group of friends and have the buddy system in place. Point out a common meeting place, in case someone gets lost, like a public facility. Carry your mobile, your ID and a list of phone numbers of the friends you are going out with. 

Traveling to the festival

While you may choose to drive to the event, it is not recommend at all. The heavy traffic leading up to it, the diversions, road congestions and parking woes, will all make your car travel difficult. The best option is to hire a good and reliable transfer service for taking you there and bring you back.

A well known company, like KiwiTaxi, could be the answer to all your transfer related issues. Just go online and make a booking. Details of car make, driver name, car number, all inclusive cost will be displayed on your mobile instantly. Again on your return, you will be spared of the massive rush towards all modes of transport, knowing that your designated driver is waiting just for you. 

Attending the event

The most important aspect of enjoying and attending any music event is taking care of yourself. Though most of this can be achieved by using just plain common sense, there are certain things which need to be checked.

First and foremost find out where the medical help is located. In any event of such magnitude, medical issues can crop up anytime. Secondly, wear comfortable shoes and clothing and stay hydrated at all times. Carry only a certain amount of hard cash and a card in case of emergencies. Finally, don’t leave without your accessories, like sunscreen, hats, a plastic poncho and sunglasses.

Over the years, music festivals have gained in popularity. This in turn increases the chances of crime and other troublesome issues. By following the above listed crucial safety tips, you can be assured of not only staying safe but enjoying the show as well.