Music Festival Safety Guide

Music Festival Safety Guide

Attending any music festival can be an experience to remember. They are usually a lot of fun and, in terms of entertainment provide great value for money. However, these crowded fun-fueled celebrations are also breeding grounds for unforeseen dangers, which if overlooked among all the excitement, can make the entire trip turn sour.

Any event which is held on a mass scale is open to potential hazards. While such a stage offers an ideal opportunity for the onlooker to enjoy and revel in a rather secure environment, things can go wrong at times. While these stumbling blocks will remain, by taking adequate care and exercising caution, can go a long way into making your outing an enjoyable one. Just follow these simple tips to safe and healthy and have a blast at the same time.

festivals_survivalGo in a group 

The large number of people, widespread consumption of alcohol and recreational drugs, can result in creating an atmosphere where people are bound to get lost easily. We have all heard of the buddy system, but at an event of this magnitude it is paramount. Be sure to go with a group of friends and have the buddy system in place. Point out a common meeting place, in case someone gets lost, like a public facility. Carry your mobile, your ID and a list of phone numbers of the friends you are going out with. 

Traveling to the festival

While you may choose to drive to the event, it is not recommend at all. The heavy traffic leading up to it, the diversions, road congestions and parking woes, will all make your car travel difficult. The best option is to hire a good and reliable transfer service for taking you there and bring you back.

A well known company, like KiwiTaxi, could be the answer to all your transfer related issues. Just go online and make a booking. Details of car make, driver name, car number, all inclusive cost will be displayed on your mobile instantly. Again on your return, you will be spared of the massive rush towards all modes of transport, knowing that your designated driver is waiting just for you. 

Attending the event

The most important aspect of enjoying and attending any music event is taking care of yourself. Though most of this can be achieved by using just plain common sense, there are certain things which need to be checked.

First and foremost find out where the medical help is located. In any event of such magnitude, medical issues can crop up anytime. Secondly, wear comfortable shoes and clothing and stay hydrated at all times. Carry only a certain amount of hard cash and a card in case of emergencies. Finally, don’t leave without your accessories, like sunscreen, hats, a plastic poncho and sunglasses.

Over the years, music festivals have gained in popularity. This in turn increases the chances of crime and other troublesome issues. By following the above listed crucial safety tips, you can be assured of not only staying safe but enjoying the show as well.

5 Cool Ideas to Help You Make Money Online

5 Cool Ideas to Help You Make Money Online

While many people dream of a life of travel, funds can be a major stumbling block when it comes to taking the plunge and booking a one-way ticket. More and more people are starting to realize, however, that there are numerous ways to make money online. It is, therefore, possible to travel and work at the same time. There’s no need to be restricted to a desk when your mind is clearly elsewhere and the travel bug has taken a big bite.

1. Start a Travel (or Other) Blog

Starting a blog is easier than ever, with low set-ups costs, cheap web hosting and templates that make designing your site easier. While many travel-lovers immediately think of a travel blog as the obvious choice, you can start a blog about almost any topic. The key is to grow your audience to the point where you can monetize your site. There are many ways to make money from a blog, including selling products you’ve created, affiliate marketing sales, sponsored content and advertising. A blog can also help you to save money too; you may get discounts or even free trips in return for promoting an establishment, company or destination.

2. Use Your Skills and Become a Freelancer

Freelance work is available in many different fields. You are sure to have some transferable skills that would enable you to secure short- or long-term freelancing projects to fit in with your travel plans. Computer programming, graphic design and online marketing are some of the most lucrative areas with a decent demand for freelance workers. Writing and editing, teaching, online language tutoring and translating are among other projects you may find where you can easily make money online.

3. Find a Remote-Working Job

More and more companies outsource job roles, allowing people to work remotely. While you will likely be required to work a set number of hours per week, often between certain times, be available online during your working day and attend regular online meetings, you have much more freedom than when you are tied to a physical location day in and day out. You will, however, likely need to have certain pieces of equipment, such as a laptop, good internet connection and high-quality headset. You can make money online and still have the security of being employed. Job roles include, but are certainly not limited to, administration staff, virtual assistants, personal assistants, helpdesk operatives, secretaries, and call center workers.

4. Set Up a Drop-Shipping Business or Online Store

There are numerous online platforms where you can sell an array of things. You could keep even more of your profit, though, by having your own online store or setting up a drop-shipping business. A major benefit of drop shipping is that you don’t have to actually handle any stock yourself. You do, however, have to deal with the customer service side of the business in addition to promoting your goods and securing customers.

5. Learn How to be a Savvy Trader

If you have savings, trading knowledge and steady nerves, you could make a living through trading. Also known as investing online, it involves people buying and selling stocks, shares and other securities through a brokerage company over the internet. It is not a risk-free method of making money online, though, and you must be prepared to bear some losses at times if you go down the trading route.

In addition to making money online, there are many seasonal and temporary work opportunities that you can do all over the world to help you to travel for longer. You could also consider volunteering to keep costs down and give back to the local community at the same time. House-sitting is another way to cut costs, though you won’t actually make money. You could, though, keep your costs low by house sitting and work online at the same time!

A little imagination and a lot of perseverance and determination is usually all it takes for someone to make money online and realize their dreams.

The Best Festivals in Orange County to Visit This Summer

The Best Festivals in Orange County to Visit This Summer

Southern California hosts diverse hippy festivals throughout the year, as well as a plethora of other cool events and celebrations to cater to almost all interests. Book your Orange County vacation rentals early for the perfect place to stay when enjoying the varied festivals in Orange County.

In addition to terrific beaches, historic sites, natural attractions and cultural spots, Orange County’s festivals can add a new dimension to any trip. You’ll find plenty of fun at any time of the year.

Joshua Tree Spring Music Festival

Held each May, concerts are performed on two stages in the famous Joshua Tree National Park. There are fun events for kids, making it a family-friendly event. Plentiful food and drink is available.

California Strawberry Festival

If you’re a fan of the small red fruit, you’ll love California Strawberry Festival. See inventive ways of using strawberries as you sample delicious products of many food stalls. Strawberry beer, strawberry kebabs, and strawberry nachos are just a few delights to try. Various competitions add to the lively atmosphere.

Fiesta Hermosa

Another May event, the popular Fiesta Hermosa takes place on the Labor Day weekend. The main highlight is food from around the world, reflecting the area’s diversity. Dig into Mexican, Greek, Vietnamese, Chinese, Italian and Thai cuisine, plus others.

Orange County LGBT Pride

Show solidarity and join in with the lively activities at Orange County LGBT Pride. Held at the end of each June, music, dancing, comedy and stalls are all part of the revelry, with the huge and colorful parade drawing many participants and observers.

Beaumont Cherry Festival

Another fruit-themed event, Beaumont Cherry Festival takes place every early June. Taste cherry-flavored goodies and enjoy fairground rides and live entertainment. There’s also a car show and a parade.

Pacific Islander Festival

Another early June event is the Pacific Islander Festival. Celebrating the rich traditions and cultures from across the diverse Pacific Islands, it’s a great place to learn more about island life. Featuring music, games, performances and food, travel around Hawaii, Tahiti, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga and Kiribati without leaving California.

Lavender Festival

Ringing in the start of the season for lavender harvesting, the Lavender Festival is another of June’s fun festivals in Orange County. It takes place in Cherry Valley at the historic San Gorgonio Pass. See how lavender oil is obtained. Learn about the uses of lavender, including culinary uses. Enjoy live music and take a tour in a horse-drawn cart.

Sancocho Festival

Join in the merriment and experience Latin American and Colombian culture through dance, art, and food. Sancocho Festival takes place in Pomona.

Hollywood Fringe Festival

You can watch numerous performances at many venues around Hollywood and LA at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. Performers come from around the local area as well as from farther afield. It’s another cool festival to add to your itinerary if visiting Orange County in June.

Playboy Jazz Festival

Head to the Hollywood Bowl and groove to the soulful sounds from different jazz performers. Musicians travel from far and wide to please the crowds at Playboy Jazz Festival.

Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival

Feast your eyes on the vibrant balloons that float across the skies above Lake Skinner at the annual Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival. Evenings are filled with live entertainment and there are plenty of beers, wines, and meals to enjoy at all times.

Laguna Art-A-Fair

Starting each June, Laguna Art-A-Fair showcases the works of more than 100 artists. You can also get creative and join in with workshops. Food and drinks and entertainment are also part of the festivities.

Orange County Fair

Orange County Fair is in the top ten biggest fairs in the whole of the USA. It has been running for more than 120 years. There are fairground rides, carnival stalls, games, live music, food stalls and more. Held each July, it’s one of the biggest and best festivals in Orange County.

San Clemente Ocean Festival

San Clemente Ocean Festival promises to be a lively July weekend. Focused on the seaside, events include a beach run, sand-sculpting, and paddle-boarding contests.

Mariachi USA Festival

Showcasing mariachi musical traditions, the Mariachi USA Festival features some of the biggest mariachi performers from the US and Mexico. Be hypnotized by folk dancing and dazzling fireworks.

California Wine Festival

Held in Santa Barbara, the California Wine Festival is one of the biggest al fresco wine festivals in the state. You’ve likely sampled several of California’s great wines; add more to your taste list at the large festival. You might discover a new favorite! There’s lots of tempting food to pair with your choices.

Surf ’n’ Suds Beer Festival

Providing mid-August fun, the Surf ’n’ Suds Beer Festival takes place at Carpinteria State Beach. Sample an array of craft beers, savor tasty wines and fill up on assorted fare from the many trucks and stalls. Live music and surf culture add to the ambiance.

La Habra Corn Festival

Hosted each August by the Lions Club in La Habra, the diverse program includes competitions and games, live entertainment and a parade. There’s also plenty of tasty food including delicious corn.

Orange International Street Fair

Stroll the themed streets in Orange, each offering various tasty treats from around the world. Be transported to different parts of the planet through your taste buds. While ethnic foods are a highlight of Orange International Street Fair, you’ll also find games, activities for children, music, and ethnic handicrafts.

Kaaboo Del Mar

Lasting for three days, Kaaboo Del Mar is a great place to enjoy the last days of summer. With diverse music, comedy, and food, there’s something to appeal to everyone.

Tall Ships Festival

The yearly Tall Ships Festival in Orange County is usually held in the second week of September. Marvel at the large vessels, enjoy live entertainment and watch engaging cannon battles. There is also, of course, plenty of food and drink to tempt you too. It takes place at Dana Point.

Summer is certainly lively and diverse in Orange County! Don’t be glum if your trip falls at a different time of the year though, as there are cool festivals in Orange County during the other seasons too. Visit the area’s highlights, enjoy a few festivals and have a brilliant time in Southern California.

What Is Sustainable Travel

What Is Sustainable Travel

Tourism is a great and widely spread industry that can, if not managed properly, act as a double edged blade. Tourism can be responsible for environmental damage and culture loss, so we must act swiftly to retaliate against these negative effects and keep the damages to a minimum.

Be a responsible traveller and think green

Sustainable travel goes by many names such as ‘responsible travel’ and ‘green travel’, but no matter the label, the core point of it remains – to sustain economic and environmental conditions for future generations. It can be described as a conscious decision to chose a travel destination and leave no negative impact behind you. It’s important that travellers make effort to preserve and be respectful of the local people, they way of life and their culture. This effort defines truly responsible travellers that use methods of sustainable travel.


Reducing the tourist footprint isn’t tied to just physical environment life quality. Sustainable travel presents itself in three main forms: cultural, economic and environmental sustainability. And each plays a monumental role in sustainable travel.

Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability refers to preservation of natural environments of a tourist destination. Awareness of this form of sustainability seems to be the strongest. But even though tourists try their best to preserve natural habitats, the means of transportation that they use really affects the air which leads to climate change. This is currently only avoidable by electric means of transportation that isn’t widely spread throughout the world.


Economic sustainability is all about aiming the tourist expenses towards the locals of the tourist destination. This heavily depends on food sources for caterers. It is necessary that every coin possible can reach the local communities.

Cultural sustainability focuses on preservation of local beliefs and traditions. This is as important as environmental sustainability. Disrespecting their tradition can lead to extinction of such, and that can lead to economic shifts in the future, as the destination becomes less appealing due to lack of cultural presence.

Even though it’s not common, you can still make a difference by sticking to some guidelines that will ensure sustainable travel. When travelling, be on a lookout for fresh local produce. This will surely direct your money towards the local communities, supplying both economic and cultural sustainability. Respect the traditions and cultures of the place you’re visiting. Embracing the uniqueness can make your travelling experience way more engaging and exciting, and it will encourage others to hold on to their tradition.


Look carefully if the hotel you’re booking is engaging in sustainable travel practices. These practices might include power preservation because of lack of renewable energy. The same goes for water saving methods, as clean drinkable may not be easily accessible. The bottom line is that as awareness of sustainable travel spreads, tourism will flourish flying colours for years to come.


The Knowledge I Gained Volunteering In India

The Knowledge I Gained Volunteering In India

While volunteering in India, I’ve learnt a great deal of life lessons by being exposed to a marginally different lifestyle, culture and climate. Right off the bat I was shocked at the radically different living conditions found across the street from each other. On one side there was wealth and elegance, while on the other poverty and unhygienic living conditions resided. Oddly enough, I was the only one shocked by this. The locals seem to grow accustomed to the drastic economic difference in such close proximity.


Economic standings aside, India took me by storm with its radiant display of culture in every aspect of the day to day life. Streets were always busy, echoing with a mixture of Hindi and English. The differences between California and Delhi couldn’t even be counted. It seemed as if I stepped through a portal leading to a whole new world. Nothing could prepare me for what I was about to experience.

Meet the everyday struggles of life with a smile

The true magic of India really started to shine on me when I first started working with the children. Aside from them glowing with life like any child would, it was even more fascinating that they manage that magical glow in such hard living conditions. I thought to myself that the struggle for a decent meal shouldn’t be a real thing in the twenty first century, but I thought so with no real answer. The sheer number of both kids and adults that inhabit India is almost unimaginable, with numbers surpassing a billion souls.


And soul is exactly what these people have. They have the fighting spirit within themselves to get up out of bed every day so that they can fight their battles for survivals. These battles, of course, consist of finding ways to provide for their, often bigger, families.

That struggle encapsulated with a rich sense of belief and religion really made me think twice about my life needs. Why do we feel the need to surround ourselves with material luxuries?

Is it because we’re aware of our longevity and we want to own something that will surpass it so we won’t be forgotten? None of that seemed to be important in the rural part of India, where people truly believe that their spirit will live on after their due date, and that ease of mind and personal relationships are what really matters in the present day. These people made me into the free-spirited resourceful person I am today, and for that I am eternally grateful.


5 Of The World’s Best Hippie Festivals

5 Of The World’s Best Hippie Festivals

Thos of us are fortunate enough to be able to glide around the globe with a free spirit should also know where to find the best of parties. The following five destinations are, personally, the best safe haven for hippies:

1.     Burning man

We couldn’t talk big free-spirited festivals without mentioning burning man. This spectacle of life-enjoyment in a barren wasteland is a true testament that any place can be fit for a party with the right attitude.


Bringing some of the most unique experiences over the course of several days is what this festival is all about. That, and of course the ceremonial burning of the humongous bonfire. Some may find it hard to chew, but it’s definitely iconic enough to find itself on the list of the top five.

2.     Coachella

Finding big hippie festivals can prove to be difficult in the day and age we live in, thankfully Coachella is a healthy alternative to a full blown hippie festival. Coachella offers something other festivals struggle to, and that’s a consistently good lineup. It brings one of the best musical experiences a festival can offer, ranging across several genres.

3.     EXIT festival

Personally, one of the best festival experiences I had was at EXIT. It’s annually held at Novi Sad, Serbia, but it’s rapidly gaining traction by expanding to neighboring regions. Sea Dance is a must go festival after completing the four day adventure that is EXIT.

It’s location on top of a medieval fort is really what sets it aside from the rest. Going up and down, in and out the mountain-fort seems like a little adventure of its own.

4.     Tomorrowland

Even though centered around electronic music, it’s still one of the few festivals where people aren’t afraid to let go and get in touch with their inner music self. Costumes of all shapes and sizes aren’t a weird sight, on the contrary, lack of costume might make you appear weird.


But then again, nobody there will judge you. The sheer positivity is what makes it hippie in my book, and it’s certainly while I’m looking forward to go attend it once more.

5.     Woodstock

Of course, we can’t mention the best festivals without one of the most iconic ones – Woodstock. If there is any place where people have a sense of belonging, this is it. The music line up aside, the loving energy that breezes though the air is what truly defines this festival.