About me

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So Who Am I Exactly?

Hi! I’m Lindsey, a simply Californian girl with a passion for wide, open spaces, fashion and festivals! I’m an old-school hippie with a dream of travelling and volunteering all over the world whilst learning, and hopefully teaching, as much as possible about sustainable travel. I’m just your run of the mill, next door hippie girl with a passion for spreading knowledge and love though the world. Sustainable travel is something I care deeply for, and it’s my goal to spread awareness about it as much as I can.

Read my blog and you too will learn the importance of making traveling an easier and better experience though preserving the wonders of the world that we have. I also do volunteering work, trying to give back as much as possible. Find it in your heart to share my vision and passion and together we can make world a better place for every loving soul that inhabits it.