Thos of us are fortunate enough to be able to glide around the globe with a free spirit should also know where to find the best of parties. The following five destinations are, personally, the best safe haven for hippies:

1.     Burning man

We couldn’t talk big free-spirited festivals without mentioning burning man. This spectacle of life-enjoyment in a barren wasteland is a true testament that any place can be fit for a party with the right attitude.


Bringing some of the most unique experiences over the course of several days is what this festival is all about. That, and of course the ceremonial burning of the humongous bonfire. Some may find it hard to chew, but it’s definitely iconic enough to find itself on the list of the top five.

2.     Coachella

Finding big hippie festivals can prove to be difficult in the day and age we live in, thankfully Coachella is a healthy alternative to a full blown hippie festival. Coachella offers something other festivals struggle to, and that’s a consistently good lineup. It brings one of the best musical experiences a festival can offer, ranging across several genres.

3.     EXIT festival

Personally, one of the best festival experiences I had was at EXIT. It’s annually held at Novi Sad, Serbia, but it’s rapidly gaining traction by expanding to neighboring regions. Sea Dance is a must go festival after completing the four day adventure that is EXIT.

It’s location on top of a medieval fort is really what sets it aside from the rest. Going up and down, in and out the mountain-fort seems like a little adventure of its own.

4.     Tomorrowland

Even though centered around electronic music, it’s still one of the few festivals where people aren’t afraid to let go and get in touch with their inner music self. Costumes of all shapes and sizes aren’t a weird sight, on the contrary, lack of costume might make you appear weird.


But then again, nobody there will judge you. The sheer positivity is what makes it hippie in my book, and it’s certainly while I’m looking forward to go attend it once more.

5.     Woodstock

Of course, we can’t mention the best festivals without one of the most iconic ones – Woodstock. If there is any place where people have a sense of belonging, this is it. The music line up aside, the loving energy that breezes though the air is what truly defines this festival.