While many people dream of a life of travel, funds can be a major stumbling block when it comes to taking the plunge and booking a one-way ticket. More and more people are starting to realize, however, that there are numerous ways to make money online. It is, therefore, possible to travel and work at the same time. There’s no need to be restricted to a desk when your mind is clearly elsewhere and the travel bug has taken a big bite.

1. Start a Travel (or Other) Blog

Starting a blog is easier than ever, with low set-ups costs, cheap web hosting and templates that make designing your site easier. While many travel-lovers immediately think of a travel blog as the obvious choice, you can start a blog about almost any topic. The key is to grow your audience to the point where you can monetize your site. There are many ways to make money from a blog, including selling products you’ve created, affiliate marketing sales, sponsored content and advertising. A blog can also help you to save money too; you may get discounts or even free trips in return for promoting an establishment, company or destination.

2. Use Your Skills and Become a Freelancer

Freelance work is available in many different fields. You are sure to have some transferable skills that would enable you to secure short- or long-term freelancing projects to fit in with your travel plans. Computer programming, graphic design and online marketing are some of the most lucrative areas with a decent demand for freelance workers. Writing and editing, teaching, online language tutoring and translating are among other projects you may find where you can easily make money online.

3. Find a Remote-Working Job

More and more companies outsource job roles, allowing people to work remotely. While you will likely be required to work a set number of hours per week, often between certain times, be available online during your working day and attend regular online meetings, you have much more freedom than when you are tied to a physical location day in and day out. You will, however, likely need to have certain pieces of equipment, such as a laptop, good internet connection and high-quality headset. You can make money online and still have the security of being employed. Job roles include, but are certainly not limited to, administration staff, virtual assistants, personal assistants, helpdesk operatives, secretaries, and call center workers.

4. Set Up a Drop-Shipping Business or Online Store

There are numerous online platforms where you can sell an array of things. You could keep even more of your profit, though, by having your own online store or setting up a drop-shipping business. A major benefit of drop shipping is that you don’t have to actually handle any stock yourself. You do, however, have to deal with the customer service side of the business in addition to promoting your goods and securing customers.

5. Learn How to be a Savvy Trader

If you have savings, trading knowledge and steady nerves, you could make a living through trading. Also known as investing online, it involves people buying and selling stocks, shares and other securities through a brokerage company over the internet. It is not a risk-free method of making money online, though, and you must be prepared to bear some losses at times if you go down the trading route.

In addition to making money online, there are many seasonal and temporary work opportunities that you can do all over the world to help you to travel for longer. You could also consider volunteering to keep costs down and give back to the local community at the same time. House-sitting is another way to cut costs, though you won’t actually make money. You could, though, keep your costs low by house sitting and work online at the same time!

A little imagination and a lot of perseverance and determination is usually all it takes for someone to make money online and realize their dreams.