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Hi! I’m Lindsey, a simply Californian girl with a passion for wide, open spaces, fashion and festivals! I’m an old-school hippie with a dream of travelling and volunteering all over the world whilst learning, and hopefully teaching, as much as possible about sustainable travel. Read my blog and join me on a life of adventure!

Let me tell you about Sustainable Travel

What Is Sustainable Travel

What Is Sustainable Travel

Tourism is a great and widely spread industry that can, if not managed properly, act as a double edged blade. Tourism can be responsible for environmental damage and culture loss, so we must act swiftly to retaliate against these negative effects and keep the damages...

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Hippie Festivals

My recommendation for summer festivals


Coachella is held in my home state of California. With three stages that simultaneously echo with some of the greatest music your ears can be blessed with, a great time is guaranteed!


There is no doubt that this is one of the most musically and spiritually embracing summer festivals out there. If you’re a hippie like me, chances are you’re going to love Woodstock.


Lollapalooza is one of the biggest summer festivals that exist, and for good reason. It successfully manages to mix mainstream and indie music for the best audio and visual experience.


A real summer treat from June 9th to 12th that will leave you asking for more once it’s finished. A real sight to behold If you’re close to Manchester, Tennessee.

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Music Festival Safety Guide

Attending any music festival can be an experience to remember. They are usually a lot of fun and, in terms of entertainment provide great value for money. However, these crowded fun-fueled celebrations are also breeding grounds for unforeseen dangers, which if...

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